Intel Optane

In the quest for ever-faster computers, Intel is constantly introducing new upgrades to its products to try and get a bit of extra cash out of enthusiasts and corporate customers. One of the company‚Äôs most dramatic introductions as of late has been its branded Optane memory, launched alongside the seventh generation of Core-series processors. Unfortunately, […]

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A server is a PC program that gives administrations to other PC programs (and their clients) in the same or different PCs. The PC that a server program keeps running in is likewise every now and again alluded to as a server. That machine might be a devoted server or utilized for different purposes also. […]

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Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, security includes both cybersecurity and physical security. Ensuring cybersecurity requires coordinated efforts throughout an information system. Elements of cybersecurity include: Application security Information security Network security Disaster recovery […]

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Tor Browser

In its simplest definition, Tor is a web browser software that conceals your identity when you’re online. It does this in a few different ways. First, it uses encryption to scramble the data that’s being communicated within the network. Second, it routes that data between random servers within the Tor network to hide your online […]

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DDoS attack

DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Victims of a DDoS attack consist of both the end targeted system and all systems […]

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Dark web

The “dark web” is a part of the internet that requires special programming to get to. Once inside, sites and different administrations can be gotten to through a program similarly as the ordinary web. In any case, a few destinations are adequately “covered up”, in that they have not been listed by a web index […]

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Proxy server

A proxy server is a computer that offers a computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connections to other network services. A client connects to the proxy server, then requests a connection, file, or other resource available on a different server. The proxy provides the resource either by connecting to the specified […]

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